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STOPzilla uses proprietary AVM Technology to make this antivirus program one of the most secure and resource-friendly products on the market. It’s also one of the rare antivirus programs that is entirely developed and supported in the United States.

The software include an AntiVirus who can be used as a stand-alone computer security solution, or as a compliment to other security programs – thanks to its Shared Protection mode that allows it to work with other antivirus programs without causing any system errors.

STOPzilla also has powerful anti-rootkit technology. Rootkits are among the most difficult types of malicious software because they actively subvert standard antivirus programs and even certain anti-rootkit programs – allowing them to continue draining available memory and run unauthorized processes. With Anti-Rootkit Technology, STOPzilla AntiVirus recognizes rootkits and eliminates them before they can infect your computer.

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