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My Screen Recorder Pro is a professional video screen capture software that lets you capture your PC screen activity to many popular video formats. Any application that runs on your Windows PC can be recorded including the audio. With a PC microphone, add your own audio narration as you demonstrate how to use a web site or explain a product concept.

My Screen Recorder Pro also helps you organize your recordings into Personal Folders for easy management. The program is easy to use, but has powerful features. You can select whether to record the entire screen, a particular window, or mark your own area on the screen to record. The Screen Drawing feature allows you to emphasize and annotate important points. Use mouse effects to emphasize clicks. You can even record across multiple monitors.

Your finished video can be distributed in many ways. Create AVI files, with full control of video and audio characteristics. My Screen Recorder Pro can create videos in both Microsoft Windows Media (WMV) and Adobe Flash formats, which produce very small file sizes. You can create WMV files especially tailored for distribution on web sites or from a streaming server. My Screen Recorder Pro can also create self-contained, self-running executables, perfect for distribution on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, because they contain their own player.

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