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The perfect tool to fix lag, lower your ping, reduce latency and improve FPS in games or applications. Latency Optimizer includes the Game & Application Booster, Network & Process Optimizer, 1 Click Latency Optimization modes, Performance Recorder (with detailed log file) beside many other features to help you to analyze & fix gaming and application issues.

Three predefined optimization modes – 1 click easy to use latency optimization settings

Advanced settings – Includes 45 Tweaks & Tunes that will allow you to fine tune your Internet connection performance

Performance Recorder – The Performance Recorder will record the system performance while playing games or working with applications! A detailed Log file containing the changes of CPU, RAM, Up/Download Speed and Running Processes& during game play or application usage will be created.

Speed Test – shows you the results of your ping, upload and download burst rates during your test from your location to the location of a test server you choose.

Latency Test – measures how quickly a small data packet can get from your workstation / laptop to a server somewhere located in the world and back.

Startup Manager – stops unnecessary applications being loaded during the startup of your operating system.

System Cleaner & Disk Cleaner- Wipes away all unnecessary files on your system to let your system and HDD perform faster.

Free RAM Tool – can automatically optimize your system, balancing levels between your memory cache and the computer’s speed, to make your computer perform faster.

First Aid Kit – is specially designed to fix common IP and Winsock related issues.

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